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Pasture Raised Grass Finished Ground Beef - Our Lost Coast Grass Finished Beef is raised and finished on pasture. Green grasses and wide open spaces create the highest quality, you'll taste the difference.

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LOST COAST GRASS FINISHED AND FINISHED BEEF Humboldt County is one of the best places to raise grass-fed beef in California. The ranchers of Humboldt Grassfed have agreed to select a few of their very best, highest quality cattle and allow PRMC to create the “Lost Coast Grassfed and Finished” brand and offer this beef as our proprietary grass-fed product. The Humboldt grass-fed beef is raised with a focus on meat quality and will be some of the very best tasting, most consistent grass-fed beef available anywhere and this full commitment to meat quality and consistency makes this beef very special. - We believe you will taste the difference!

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