Beef Jerky Hot Beef Candy

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2 for $16 (2 packages x 3oz. each) Hot Beef Candy (Beef Jerky)

Keller Crafted Beef Candy is a delicious jerky-style product made with our high-quality lean beef. It is brined in brown sugar, salt and other spices, and then slow-cooked to perfection. The brining process makes the meat tender, sweet and juicy?it really is Beef Candy! Our ?Hot? Beef Candy has red chili flakes for an additional kick in the pants. Not so hot you?ll run for water, but you will notice it.

Product is shelf-stable just like traditional dried and smoked jerky.

Ingredients: Beef, Brown Sugar, Sea Salt, Jalapeno Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, Spices, Cultured Celery Juice, Garlic, Onion