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A variety of 15 lbs approx of our quality grounds meats, Prather Ranch dry aged ground beef, Heritage Non-GMO ground pork, Keller Crafted Ground Turkey & Lost Coast Grass Fed Ground Beef.

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Ground Beef: Prather Ranch is synonymous with the highest quality, best raised beef available. A unique closed herd is raised on thousands of acres in Northern California. Certified Humane Raised and Handled, Prather Ranch does not use hormones or antibiotics. In addition, the beef is dry-aged to develop a tenderness and rich flavor. The Prather Ranch is truly a unique place. We are often asked how it “compares” to other beef operations. Between its closed herd status, commitment to conservation and good environmental practices, dedication to the humane treatment of animals, in house hay operations, on site slaughter facility and commitment to producing high quality beef, there simply is no comparison. Prather Ranch beef is pasture raised but finished with a mixture of chopped hay (which is raised at the ranch), barley and rice bran. To produce consistently tender, high quality, flavorful beef year round for the Prather Ranch program.

Ground Pork: A family farm, Pure Country Pork became the FIRST sustainable hog operation in the United States to earn Food Alliance Certification (requiring adherence to new and stricter guidelines for sustainable farming). Non-GMO Project verified: PCF uses Non-GMO Grains which includes wheat, barley, triticale, peas, that are locally grown with added protein vitamins and minerals. Raised in a sustainable and natural environment, where they are free to move about and have access to fresh water and wholesome feed that is specifically formulated to their growth needs. Never administered antibiotics, or Ionophores that are used in the water, injection or feed.

Ground Turkey - Keller Crafted Ferndale Farms is unique, 3 out of the 4 seasons the turkeys are on open pasture. During the winter months the birds come inside. A family farm we are proud to support.

Lost Coast grass Fed Beef: A truly grass fed program, 100% pasture raised. This means that the animals are grazing on green grasses in the fields year around. You will taste the difference. California raised.

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