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100% Grass Fed Lamb Membership - Receive Certified Humane Lamb raised on green grasses year around - Variety of cuts each month - Chops, Roasts, Ground, Steaks, & Shanks.

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Keller Crafted Meats has been working with Anderson Ranches and selling Anderson Ranches lamb since 2003. The ranch is owned and operated by Reed Anderson, his wife Robyn and his sons Jake and Travis. Like Prather Ranch, Anderson Ranches is very unique. The lambs are raised in the Willamette Valley which has a unique mild climate with lots of rain so the grass stays green year round.

The Willamette Valley is also known as the grass seed capital of the world and Anderson’s lambs graze freely on these “grass farms” to produce a unique, amazing tasting “spring lamb-type” product year round. The Andersons also raise large, English meat breeds of sheep so the cuts are much larger and meatier than the smaller dual-purpose (meat and wool) sheep generally raised in Australia, New Zealand and the U.S .

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