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Wolfe Ranch Quail | Please read the Long Description Below.

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Message from Brent Wolfe:

I have dedicated my life to perfecting my product. I control all aspects of my operation from raising the eggs, running the hatchery, growing the quail, processing with my CDFA licensed plant (allowing me to ship nationwide) and delivery to the finest restaurants in California and beyond.

I have expanded a customer base that started with Alice Waters of Chez Panisse to include Wolfgang Puck, Thomas Keller, Nancy Oakes, Bradley Ogden and Cory Lee serving their restaurants and others like Postrio, Campton Place, French Laundry and Meadowood in the Bay Area and Pre Se in NYC.

Customer Testimonials:

When famed chef Wolfgang Puck needs quail, he places a call to Brent Wolfe. Brent was one of the pioneers of California?s pasture-to-plate movement, selectively breeding his birds and feeding them an all-grain diet with no hormones or antibiotics. The result, a flavorful quail that is two to three times the size of his competitors. - Sacramento Magazine

There are very few people like him in America. Very few people who can do something at such high quality and consistency. That is why we buy from him. He does quail better than anybody. I do not think there is any comparison. - Wolfgang Puck

Of all our suppliers, Brent is the one I identify with the most. - Cory Lee, Benu

In culinary circles and beyond, Brent is a legend, renowned for raising the finest quail in the country and possible the world. His affection for the bird began at age eleven, the day his mom dropped him off at a chicken show and he left with a crate of quail chicks, gifted by a breeder. And that is what Brent ultimately became, selectively breeding to develop what I like to think of as special blend that tasted better than anything else I have tried. - Stuart Brioza, State Bird Provisions

We cherish his quail. It is big and meaty with a very pure poultry flavor. He breeds for size, consistency, and his genetics have evolved more docile birds, quiet by nature, that process better (they generate less adrenaline at slaughter, which can lower the pH of the bird), and therefore taste better. - Thomas Keller, The French Laundry