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We can make the world better through how we farm, how we eat, and how we support one another.

Welcome to the Keller Crafted subscription service. We have put together a variety of boxes all sourced and crafted from the purest, most natural and highly nutrient-dense meats from regional family farms. Utilizing the whole animal, we create an array of great-tasting hand-cut meats, sausages, deli meats and other charcuterie for those looking to minimize their impact, socially, environmentally and ethically, while maximizing the nutritional benefit and joy of eating meat.

Thank you!

Meat Club Subscription Boxes

Pastured Poultry Share

An All Poultry Box that is filled with 100% Pasture Raised Poultry products. Grown outdoors, free to roam and chase bugs. Box size is 13-17 lbs

Curated Ground Meats Share

A variety of approx 13 to 15 lbs of our quality grounds meats: Heritage Non-GMO ground pork Keller Crafted pasture grazed ground turkey Richard's grass finished ground beef.

Pasture Raised Grass Finished Beef Share

100% Pastured Raised in Northern California. Some of the highest quality grass fed you can find. You will taste the difference. Year around lush grasses make this program stand out and above other grass fed programs. Box size is 7-10 lbs.

Curated Variety of Meats Share

The Variety Box keeps your kitchen life interesting, you will receive pastured poultry, pastured grass Finished beef & Non-GMO heritage pork items. The product will vary from month to month with the goal of supporting your interest in cooking wholesome and nutritious foods. Box size is 9-11 lbs.